7 Best Ways To Use Up Orange Peel

Don't put that peel of an orange in your bin! Here we find 24 surprising ways for you to make good use of it instead.

Are you going to throw the peel of an orange into the bin? Step away; there are lots of amazing ways to get the most out of the unused orange peel so start making good use of it today!

Orange peel powder is an organic herbal powder for smooth skin It has higher vitamin, mineral and other nutrient concentrations than the orange itself.

Orange Peel Powder Recipe:

  •  Take in and wash some organic oranges.
  • Cut thin slices of the outer covering, and avoid the white inner part.
  • Hold it covered for 3 to 5 hours with a thin cloth until it has dried.
  • Blend it in a mixer until a fine powder is obtained.
  • Ensure the grinder is completely dry, as the powder maybe contaminated by moisture.
  • This powder is contained in an airtight jar.

7 Best Ways To Use Up Orange Peel

Beautiful hair, skin, and teeth continue using the best-powdered orange peel. Check out below:

1. Use it as a body scrub

To brighten the skin, wrap orange peels in gauze and rub them onto the skin while in the shower. 

2. Turn it into bath oil

Add a small amount of orange peel oil to your bath just needs a few drops. Orange oil has great anti-inflammatory properties and helps make the skin lighter.

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3. Add it to your bath as a powder

Let the orange peels dry out, then grind them with a grinder until the peels are a fine mesh strainer, and sprinkle them directly into your tub for a relaxing, skin-soothing treat.

4.Whitening Teeth

Create a water-based paste and leave it on your teeth for 2 minutes. Wash it, and use it once in two weeks. Do not use it much because it can erode the enamel of your natural teeth.

5.Orange peel powder for dry skin.

For dry the skin you can just follow the steps given below:

1 tbsp of orange peel, 1 tbsp of sugar, and rose water. Just keep it on for ten minutes and wash it away with water.

1 cup of orange peel powder and 2 cups of milk. Keep 5-10 minutes on your face, and wash with water.

6.Orange peel powder for hair.

Add powder of orange peel to yogurt, and make a paste. Blend it well and rub it into your scalp and hair and keep on for a few hours. Wash with water. It helps prevent issues with dandruff and dry scalp.

7.Orange peel powder for fairness.

Yeah, it’s like organic bleach that’s healthy on your skin to use. This contains vitamin C and natural AHAs that make the skin lighter. For the best results, stop using this during the day and use it at night as Vitamin C can make your face daytime delicate to the sun.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article on various ways of using orange peel for skin.