Shrimad Ramayan To Celebrate Ram Navami With A Special Episode

Shrimad Ramayan, a TV series, will premiere a new episode of an hour today which is specially dedicated to Ram Navami, a different kind of Ram Navami celebration.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir inauguration has brought extra contentment to the spiritual occasion of Ram Navami. This year Ram Navami has a lively feeling due to the inauguration of the temple, which occurred on January 22nd. Today, at many places, including Ram Lalla’s Ayodhya, the grandeur celebration will take place. But for all those who can’t attend the Ram Navami festival, the makers of Shrimad Ramayan have come up with a surprise. Yes, there will be a Ram Navami special episode for all the beloved viewers of Shrimad Ramayan. 

Shrimad Ramayan, a TV series airing on Sony TV, started on 1st of January this year. It received a major response from audiences. As per the current plot, Lord Ram shows his trust in Lord Hanuman after Mata Sita’s abduction, which reflects their strong bond and Lord Hanuman’s loyalty towards Lord Ram. As per the Times Now report, actor Sujay Reu playing the role of Lord Ram, said, “Lord Ram believes in Lord Hanuman, who is determined to be by his side and do what it takes to find evidence about Mata Sita’s presence in Lanka. Lord Hanuman’s unwavering dedication towards Lord Ram and his actions brim with loyalty, and his commitment to bring back proof of Sita’s whereabouts isn’t just a task but a symbol of the enduring belief in doing what’s right. Lord Hanuman will serve as a guiding light, and he will prove that even the toughest trials can be overcome with faith and determination.”

He emphasized on the special episode, saying, “On the auspicious occasion of ‘Ram Navami’ in a one-hour special episode, viewers will see Lord Hanuman depart with the ring in search of Mata Sita. Eventually, in the episodes to come, Lord Hanuman’s trials and tribulations to reach Lanka and give Mata Sita the ring will be interesting to watch.”

This one hour Ram Navami special episode will air today on April 17 at 9 pm on Sony TV. 

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