J. D. Chakravarthy On His Cinematic Career, “It’s My Greed That Pulls Me Into This” 

Satya actor J.D. Chakravarthy reveals the reason behind his long association with films. He also shared an interesting theory which he believes.

J.D. Chakravarthy, a veteran artist who gave one of the cult classics ‘Satya’, didn’t restrict himself to acting. He made his acting debut through Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Shiva’ and from Shiva he made his place in the film industry as an actor, director or producer. He has a long association with one of the veteran filmmakers, Ram Gopal Varma. But do you know why the Durga actor stayed in the film industry for so long?  In an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, the actor & director of Durga revealed the reason behind his association with films. 

J.D. Chakravarthy has a whole different perspective towards his work and films. He hates self-sympathizing and hence he said that he never went through any difficulties during the making of his first directorial debut ‘Durga’ written by him and starring him with Priyanka Upendra. He in fact enjoyed the entire process of filmmaking. He was asked about how he achieved creative satisfaction; in that case, he achieved creative satisfaction in his very first film. He said, “My aim, ambition, and goal as an actor have been fulfilled with a film called Shiva, that was the first film as an actor. So that was the first film I could have ever done.” J.D. Chakravarthy enjoyed Shiva a lot. But later it was his greed which pulled him into films. He revealed, “It’s my greed, and it is the bonus which has pulled me. It is the greed to earn more name as an actor which is what has pulled me into this.”

The actor was confident about his work and he knew that he had done a great job. “Whenever I see that I’ll never sit and think that if I given a chance now, I can do a better job. No I’ll screw it up now,” he added. He shared his theory, a very interesting and practical theory, saying, “Acting is a big ocean, I’m part of it, I’ll not say that. If it is a big ocean who asked you to come; you should at least be a bucket of water otherwise what are you doing here.” Further he shared many more riveting stories of his cinematic journey. Watch the full interview here. 

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