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About Lehren Retro

Lehren Retro is essentially "Bollywood in Flashback", featuring the old, rare & unseen Bollywood interviews, launches, parties, behind the scenes, and more.

Lehren's engagement with Bollywood dates back to 1987, to the pre-satellite era, when it pioneered film-based entertainment shows for India's then-emerging television industry. Lehren's videos packaged film shoots and happenings, interviews, and other magazine content in the kaleidoscopic format typical of Bollywood. This made Lehren a household name in the VHS home video market and the brand-Lehren grew to be the biggest source of film-based content in India and overseas. Its chatty, snippety video magazines became the template for entertainment shows when India's television industry was opened up to private producers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. To this day TV channels & Entertainment shows follow the styles and formats invented by Lehren back then.