5 Effective Natural Ways To Get Relief From Period Cramps

Period cramps can disrupt our daily routine and can make simple tasks tough. The pain in the lower abdomen is common among women who get their periods. There a certain home remedies that can be effective in getting relief from the cramps. Read below to know more.

Menstruation cramps or period cramps as they are generally known as effect all the women who are on their menstrual cycle. These cramps are usually contained to the lower abdomen but it can also cause back and muscle aches.

These cramps occur when the uterus contracts to help expel its lining which gets formed to keep the egg safe if it gets fertilized during its journey down the fallopian tube. But if the egg remains unfertilized, the uterus contracts itself to get rid of the lining, thus we feel the pain.

The uterus is a muscle and hence when stretched or contracted one can feel the cramps. These cramps can disrupt daily routines and can help one feeling tired.

There a certain home remedies one can use to get relief from the period cramps and they are easy too.

Check Out The Home Remedies: 

  • Skip Caffeine

Caffeine in general doesn’t have any effect on the menstrual cramps but more consumption of caffeine beverages can disrupt the sleep cycle. Lack of sleep can cause a misbalance of hormones which may result in cramps during periods. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep and no consumption of tea, coffee, or chocolate shakes can ease menstrual cramps. One can switch caffeine beverages with fruit smoothies.

  • Hot Water Bags/Cloth

Place hot water bags on a bare abdomen while having menstrual cramps can provide ease. If one doesn’t have a hot water bag, they can use a warm towel as it does the needful. The heat reduces the uterus contractions which in turn can reduce the pain. This one of the oldest yet effective home remedies that works all the time.

  • Staying Hydrated

Our body needs more water consumption during the days we are menstruating. With some women experiencing diarrhea and vomiting problems during their periods the body happens to lose liquids. Hence, it is necessary to consume water as it can help prevent cramps.

  • Consuming Leafy Vegetables

During the period many women experience heavy flow, it is necessary that the body gets enough dosage of iron. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of iron and can provide the body with other essential vitamins and proteins as well. So having green leafy vegetables in our daily meals can help get rid of period cramps eventually in the long run.

  • Warm Shower

Hoping into a warm shower can help loosen up the tense muscles which can help get relief from the period cramps. One can also run essential oils on their forehead during the bath and let the fragrance calms the body down.

These are certain home remedies that can help get relief from the period cramps. One can also opt for regular exercise and soak up some Vitamin D can also work wonders.