Jeanne du Barry Director Maïwenn Clarifies Her Statement On The Film Crew Being Scared Of Johnny Depp

"When I made a remark about Johnny being 'scary,' I was talking about his charisma, his notoriety, his star status, etc."

In a recent conversation with Variety, Maïwenn has just cleared out things in relation to her comments on her crew being scared of Johnny Depp at the sets of Jeanne du Barry. The French Director revealed that she was trying to refer to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s ‘charisma’ and ‘star status’ but her remarks were misrepresented in the prior publication.

However, in her latest interview, the filmmaker expressed, “I want to be very clear: Johnny Depp is a huge actor. One of the greatest. He reminded me a lot of Brando – his genius and sufferings, his generosity and paradoxes. Even though we argued several times on set, he’s someone I totally respect and admire, and it’s important for me to correct my own narrative because I feel really betrayed by this interview with Charlotte O’Sullivan.”

While referring to her previous statements Maïwenn clarified, “When I made a remark about Johnny being ‘scary,’ I was talking about his charisma, his notoriety, his star status, etc. and was shocked when I discovered that the newspaper had headlined that ‘The crew was afraid of [Johnny Depp]’ because written like that, and without its context and subtleties, it absolutely no longer means the same thing. The journalist did not want to grasp the subtlety of my words.”

“I would like to make things very clear: Johnny is ‘scary’ in the sense that his charisma and his status as “king” is impressive,” she added. “I should have used the word ‘impressive’ if I had known [the writer] Charlotte O’Sullivan would use my words in such a malicious way.”

For the unversed, Jeanne du Barry is a 2023 historical drama film written, directed and produced by Maïwenn, which stars her and Johnny Depp in the leading roles. It also stars Pierre Richard, Benjamin Lavernhe, Noémie Lvovsky, Pascal Greggory, Melvil Poupaud, and India Hair in pivotal roles.

The story of the movie revolves around Madame du Barry, who exploits her charm and intelligence to advance in society. Du Barry moves to Versailles against all manners and decency, where her friendship with the king causes scandal in the court. She becomes King Louis XV’s favorite, and the two fall in love.

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