Cardi B’s New Weight-Gain Plan Revolves Around S*xual Activity

After a week-long stomach issue, Cardi B lost weight. She needs to increase 7 pounds more. Thus, she has started a weight-gain journey.

WAP rapper Cardi B, has always been very specific about her outer appearances at public places. And now the 31-year-old is on her journey of regaining some weight and her primary solution to this is sexual activity. She has embarked on the journey of weight gain after going through a week-long stomach issue. She needs to be around 137 pounds and she currently weighs 130 pounds.

In an Instagram Live on April 17, she revealed that, “I need to eat, and I need that d—k. Cause, you know, d–k helps you gain wait. It’s just a science, you know what I’m saying? It’s a f–king science.”

 But throughout this weight-gaining process, she has decided to stay inside her home as the Drip rapper has insecurities about her body. She doesn’t like the way she looks due to weight-loss.“I don’t think trousers look good on me or skirts or small little dresses. I don’t like being too skinny,” she added. 

Cardi B is quite open about her sex life in front of the media. Mother of 2 Kulture Kiari Cephus and Wave Set Cephus, who she shared with estranged husband Offset, disclosed that she and Miggos rapper got together physically on New Year’s Eve. Next day in a social media live, she explained, “The answer to getting back together is not a good night at the club and f–king the night long. We have some s–t to work on. Our communication needs to be improved. He has certain things to work on, and I have some things to work on.” 

On the work front, Cardi B is working on a new untitled album which will be released this year. 

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