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“Practicality and Vedic knowledge are missing in today’s modern education” Shefali Sharma talks about our education system

Shefali Sharma shared her thoughts on our current education system

Shefali Sharma a popular face in the Indian television industry, the actress who became a household name with her stint as Bani in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma celebrated her birthday party on December 28th; she shared her thoughts on our current education system on the occasion of Education Day

Talking about how important education is in one’s life, She says, “In today’s time, education is very important because practically, you need a degree for a job to earn money. However, in today’s time, we have so many examples of people who are not formally educated but still had the will and zeal to follow their passion and to keep learning in life and have achieved many big things in life.”

She tells, “Ancient India had one of the best education systems (the Gurukul system), which unfortunately was exploited and eradicated over time. And today’s education system is somewhat necessary to make a living, but we need a more practical system that helps you evolve as a good individual, develops your characteristics, and develops your skills.” She adds, “Practicality and Vedic knowledge are also missing in today’s modern education.”

Shefali opened up about what she has learned in school which helps her to grow in life, saying, “Discipline, because it is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way that involves obeying particular rules or standards.” She adds, “During my school days, the missing part was technology and the kind of gadgets available today, also less emphasis was given to extracurricular activities like it is given today”

Meanwhile, Shefali is presently in talks for a couple of more television projects; more details are expected to arrive soon.

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