Moushumi Chatterjee On Her Daughter’s Career, Bollywood’s Remake Culture & More

Moushumi Chatterjee said that Bollywood's remake culture shows that the filmmakers have no confidence on themselves. She also talked about the struggle of a star kid and an outsider.

Veteran actress of Bollywood Moushumi Chatterjee turns 76 today on April 26. Her appearance in many Bollywood films, like ‘Manzil’, ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’, ‘Anuraag’ and many others have been remarkable till date. In an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, actress Moushumi Chatterjee talked about many things including her daughter’s career, Bollywood’s remake culture and destiny. Her daughter Megha Chatterjee tried to step in her mother’s way. Megha Chatterjjee appeared in one of the item songs and that was a proud moment for Moushumi Chatterjee.

Megha Chatterjee was prominently into singing since her childhood, but later she made a decision to step into the modeling and acting world. She appeared in the item song “Aisa Kyun Hota Hai”. Megha didn’t get that much success. Though Megha is a starkid, it wasn’t easy for her to make it into Bollywood as Moushumi didn’t have any home production to launch her. When Moushumi was asked about who sustains more, a star kid or a struggler (outsider), she replied, “Dono ko same hota hai (it’s the same for both), unless you are really pushy, and you are really having your own productions and launching your children. That’s a different thing.” The Manzil actress said that even her daughter went to many places for auditions every day. “I can see Megha suffering and Megha is humiliating,” she added.

Moushumi felt there are some qualities her younger daughter Megha should take away from her, like always smiling in any situation, being down to earth all the time and gelling with everyone, whether it’s one who works under you or one under whom you work.

She shed some light on the originality of Bollywood and remakes, saying, “I feel very surprised ki (that) everybody is going to remake where original stories are there and lots of good stories and that shows ki makers have no confidence, you know, on themselves; they are not trying. It’s a sad stage. But remake also, you can make it very nicely but whenever you are making something remake I just insist not to compare with original because when you are comparing, you are criticizing, you know … you are stopping the growth of somebody who wants to create something new.” Watch this entire interview of Bubbly actress to listen to her stories.

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