Ravi Kishan’s Alleged Daughter Shinnova Requests DNA Test, Files Civil Suit

Ravi Kishan is facing legal issues as a woman claims to be his second wife, alleging they share a daughter named Shinnova.

Actor Ravi Kishan is facing legal issues as a woman named Aparna Thakur has come forward, alleging to be his second wife. She further claimed that they have a daughter named Shinnova. Now, Shinnova, who is also an actor, has filed a civil suit against Ravi Kishan in a Mumbai court, asserting him as her biological father. Shinnova has also requested a DNA test as part of the case.

In the lawsuit, Shinnova has petitioned the court to declare Ravi Kishan as her biological father. The ‘Hiccups & Hookups’ star has additionally requested a permanent injunction to prohibit him from disclaiming her parentage in any way. She has also submitted a petition to the court to dismiss an FIR lodged against her mother.

Shinnova also posted on her Instagram, appealing to Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. She asserted her identity as Ravi Kishan’s daughter and urged the CM to arrange a meeting with her and her mother to discuss the truth.

During a press conference, Aparna accused Ravi Kishan of neglecting his daughter’s rights. However, Ravi Kishan’s wife, Preeti, countered this by stating that her husband’s name was Rajesh Soni, and their children were named Shal Sheenova and Sonak Soni. Preeti further accused Aparna of threatening to falsely implicate her husband, Ravi Kishan, in criminal cases to influence the upcoming Lok Sabha Election. Additionally, there are allegations of demanding a ransom of Rs 20 crore.

Regarding Ravi Kishan’s professional endeavors, he was recently featured in the film “Laapata Ladies,” directed by Kiran Rao. He also appeared in the Netflix web series “Maamla Legal Hai.”

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