How Suyash Panday Became Chunky Panday? Story Behind Chunky Panday’s Name

Chunky Panday's original name is Suyash Panday, but his cousin-sister kept calling him by this unique name Chunky, and then it became his identity.

Chunky Panday is known as Aakhri Pasta, his character from the film ‘Housefull’. He has done a variety of roles, but Aakhri Pasta has become his identity. But did you know Chunky Panday was Suyash Panday once? His original name is Suyash Panday. Let’s know what the story is behind the name of the Paap Ki Duniya actor.

When Chunky Panday was born, his mother Dr. Snehalata Panday called him Ajay. But his grandfather’s name was Suyash, which means good success (Su is good, Yash is success) and then it became his name, which he outlined as a tough name. But it was his cousin-sister who named him Chunky. His older sister Kiran Sajdeh, fashion designer Seema Sajdeh’s mother, used to play with him when he was a little munchkin. She used to hold him in her hands and she kept calling him Chunky. Sharing that story, he said, “She kept calling me Chunky, Chunky and I like to laugh at her and smile at her. I must have hardly been 2-3 months. And the name stuck.” Well, the name is unique, even he himself finds it different. “She (Kiran) named me Chunky. I didn’t know this. I used to also wonder. First I thought Mum made a name, but mum and dad said we didn’t call you Chunky”, he added.

But his school friends still call him Suyash. Earlier, he was a little embarrassed about the name Chunky, but now he loves that name. When he signed his first film with Pajlaj Nahalani, the producer said that they would find a good religious, mythological name for Chunky, something like Chandratma. But his children convinced the producer, saying, “Dad, Chunky is a good name.”

Also, Pandey in his name has been spelled as Panday, which is the Parsi way of spelling it. But his wife still spells it as DEY and not DAY. Well, Chunky doesn’t know the reason behind it.  

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