Aayush Sharma Refutes Claims Of Marrying Salman Khan’s Sister Arpita For Money Or Bollywood Entry

In a recent interview, Ruslaan actor Aayush Sharma strongly refuted claims about marrying Salman's sister Arpita Khan for "money" or "fame".

Bollywood actor Aayush Sharma, also Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, has been drawn into the ongoing discussion on nepotism since the beginning of his career. Notably, his debut film Loveyatri (2018) received support from Salman Khan. In a recent interview, Aayush, with a background in politics, discussed the hurdles he encountered in handling the perceptions linked with his marriage into the Khan family. He has been accused by many of marrying Salman’s sister Arpita Khan only for financial advantages and a smooth path into Bollywood.

Aayush Sharma Refutes Claims About Marrying Arpita For Money Or Fame

Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Aayush conveyed his frustration in response to the speculation surrounding extravagant gifts purportedly received from the Khan family during his wedding. He said, “During my wedding, there were rumors about me receiving a diamond-studded sherwani as a gift. To this day, I haven’t seen that sherwani. There were also talks about receiving a Bentley as part of the dowry. But where is that Bentley? Honestly, it’s not something I desire.”

Aayush Sharma Reveals He Is From A Political Background

In his response to such trolls, Aayush conveyed that he has never harbored a desire for wealth, which he attributes to his background in politics. He added, “The media made me a businessman from Delhi and I was thinking I am not a businessman from any angle. I come from a political background. My father is a politician and I am a struggling actor, so how did I became a businessman I don’t know. People commented on my marriage saying that I married for money, career, and entry into Bollywood. I come from a good family, from a political background. Ma Baap ka mila bahut kuch hai life mein (Have gotten enough from my parents), I never had a craving for money.”

Aayush Sharma Reveals He Gave “300 Auditions”

Recalling his early days as an aspiring actor when he initially became friends with Arpita, Aayush shared his journey. He said, “Also, I had given 300 auditions before getting an entry in Bollywood and me and Arpita became friends at the time I was a struggling actor. So, will Arpita not know about my character before marriage. Was she that naive? Won’t the whole Khan family know about me? This is a baseless conversation.”

Aayush Sharma Wanted to Quit Acting, Salman Khan Stepped In

Aayush also disclosed that he had contemplated quitting acting before his marriage. However, it was Salman Khan who stepped in to assist him in his career. “What they don’t know is that when my marriage with Arpita was finalized I told Salman sir that I don’t want to act because I had given 300 auditions and nothing happened. I told him I can’t do it. He said that my training hasn’t been good and offered to train me.”

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