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Competition Of Lenskart Enters Shark Tank India

Lenskart has a competitor!!

In the previous season of Shark tank India, we saw that many entrepreneurs came to shark tank India and were a competitor of many sharks. This week on Shark Tank India 2 came a competitor of Lenskart.

Avimee Herbal

A joint family came in Shark tank India pitching 1cr for 0.5% in their company. they posed an innovation that started from their home. An 86 years old man started the company with two products and now has 25 products in the range. The sharks were very impressed by the old man and saluted his vision to start at this age. Shark Amit touched the man’s feet saying it reminded him of his grandfather.

About the deal, the sharks felt that it was a huge sum and pitched an offer. Anupam and Amit offered them a deal with debt. After posing a counteroffer, sharks said that needs more vision and the family opted out as they didn’t want to pay a debt.

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EyenicLenskart Competition

Two young entrepreneurs came to shark tank India with their idea to make unique styles of eyewear. The sharks looked at Peyush as if it posed a threat to the company. They pitched for 5% equity in their firm. They showed their designs to the sharks and they were impressed. None of the sharks gave them an offer but wished them luck.


Mother- Daughter duo came to the shark tank with their brand Ekatra. They pitched to offer good equity to the sharks. They said that they have employed a lot of women in their firm. They posed that they valued skills and the only problem they posed was that they don’t have time. As they showed the design and Aman pointed out that the designs are similar even Amit also pointed out. Peyush offered them a deal and they got it sealed.

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