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From The Love Of Coffee To Clean Blockages, Shark Tank India 2 Salutes Entrepreneurs

Shark tank India pitches in visionary entrepreneurs

Another week of Shank Tank India 2 begins with visions to improve the future. Entrepreneurs come to Shark tank India for an investment in their company by one of the known business tycoons from Shaadi.com to Boat earphone founders that are now ruling business at all levels.

With such a vision to become one of the three entrepreneurs who came to the Shark Tank platform with different ideas to pitch the sharks.

VS Mani and CoShark tank India 2

Three entrepreneurs came to Shark Tank India 2 with a vision to bring the authentic taste of filtered coffee to various parts of the world. Three cofounders hailing from Bangalore pitched for 60 Lakhs for 1.5% equity. The sharks loved the taste of their coffee and snacks from the South but could not find enough scaling so mostly opted out. Anupam Mittal already an investor left the set. Later Namita offered them an offer and at 19 Lakhs at 1% with 41 Lakhs debt at a 10% interest rate, they sealed the offer.

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Two engineering background entrepreneurs came to Shark tank with a vision to change the idea of effortless riding a bike with a worry of rain and wind. They introduced Sepal, an adjustable wearable for bike users that gives them a shield and a top roof kinda covers rain, sun, and wind and also helps delivery boys to make deliveries in harsh weather also.

Sharks did examine the wearables for their pitch but could find it expandable as they offered the things to the public at 10K cost which is expensive pay. Even though they did offer half the MRP of their product, the sharks opted out but Peyush Bansal gave them a deal at (their pitch for Rs 50 Lakhs for 1% equity) Rs 50 Lakhs for 2% equity. After this, the sharks told Peyush it may be a great idea but he believed in the entrepreneurs.

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Four pitches and the co-founder of Solinas came to pitch Rs 90 Lakhs for 2% of the equity in their company. they introduced a robotic technology that will clean the sewer ducts and lessen the deaths of laborers who manually cleaned sewers and septic tanks. they also introduced some robots for pipe inspection so that what things can be done to clean the sewers. Amit and Namita offered them a deal at debt and later Peyush and Anupam offered them a deal. At  Rs 90 Lakhs for 3% Anupam and Peush got the deal.

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