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Turning Waste Into Furniture Business Impresses Sharks: Shark Tank India 2

From food to furniture, innovators don't leave a chance to seal the deal

Plastic waste is the biggest issue in the world. Many companies and NGOs have put lots of effort to irradiate this problem. In Shark Tank India’s latest episode four friends with a vision to eliminate plastic; being a major problem in the environment, did something innovative to use the waste and also do something creative: Plastic Furniture Business

EconiturePlastic Furniture Business

Four entrepreneurs came to Shark Tank India to pitch their idea of changing the use of plastic waste into a furniture business. They changed any plastic waste into benches, tables, beach benches, etc. They pitched for 50 lakhs in exchange for 8% equity. They pitched to be 100% waste use for a sustainable environment. Sharks were impressed by the idea but think it was too early to invest so, none of them invested in the business. Shark Peyush did order 1000 pieces for his office.

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A brother-sister duo came up with an interesting idea of hiking sticks. They pitched for 51 lakhs in the share of 1% equity in their company. They shared an experience that led them to make this product. They said that one time they encountered a tiger and the poor guy froze in his place. Nothing happened but scared him to his core. They later showcased how the stick can be used and has a neutralizer to scare the animal which might charge to a person as defending his territory like a bear. It is portable; can also be turned into an axe. Sharks pitched for 12% then changed it to 10%. A little disagreement but later they a deal from Peyush and Anupam for 51 lakhs in 5% equity.

MOPP Foods

A couple pitched their idea of crispy and soft paratha and pakoras company Mopp Foods. They pitched their idea for a taste to be savored at times when you don’t want to cook. They asked for 75 Lakhs in exchange for 2.25% of equity. 75 lakhs for 5% of the couple agree with Amit’s offer. The sharks did like their food taste and were impressed by the couple.

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