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Celebs Give Their Take On Why Entertainment Industry Is Like No Other

Apart from glamour, showbiz is also about narratives, storytelling, entertaining the audiences and in recent interview, celebs give their take on why entertainment industry is like no other.

In a recent interview, celebs give their take on why entertainment industry is like no other.

Speaking about their love for being part of this industry, celebs give their take on why entertainment industry is like no other.

Also spilling the beans on the two things that they love being part of in this highly competitive industry, celebs give their take on why entertainment industry is like no other.

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Dapper TV star Zayn Ibad Khan says, “At a time when the virus made everything around us gloomy and difficult we could relieve some pain through entertainment. The industry took the initiative to start working, provide livelihood and entertainment to many. You also learn a lot while being a part of the industry. You are doing new stories, wearing different costumes, meeting new people and there is something or the other that keeps on happening. If you are hard working and dedicated, then the industry gives back to you in abundance”.

TV actress Subuhii Joshi says, “Entertainment industry holds everyone together, be it those who are a part of it or the ones who aren’t. A strong feeling of togetherness binds us together. The stories we create with heart reaches to everyone consuming it. You get to learn so much from this industry… It inspires people to be good, do good, teaches empathy and helps in understanding the different facets of our lives”.

Hunk and suave telly star Vijayendra Kumeria says, “The best thing about the entertainment industry is that it is constantly on the move no matter what the circumstances are. The fact that it provides employment to huge number of people and keeps it door open for more people to come it and make a mark is amazing”.

TV actor Rahul Sharma says, “This industry is unpredictable, which makes things difficult but at the same time it’s a blessing because you look forward to the good and keep on trying, which often takes you to the best. The surprises at different crossroads make it for a fulfilling ride. The Industry always gives you a choice of doing or not doing certain things. You can create your own niche and make the best of whatever you have at hand”.

Actor Rohit Choudhary says, “There are many good things but the best thing about the entertainment industry is that it gives chance to everyone who is talented and has the tenacity to be at it. If you are consistent and adamant to fulfil your dream following the right path, the industry will never fail you. Second best thing is that it gives employment to lakhs of people”.

Actress Malvi Malhotra says, “You have to be honest, creative and dedicated. Your social standing, bank balance etc doesn’t matter, what is taken into consideration is your talent. This profession lets you create new things and being able to do that is like staying close to God who is the supreme creator. Working here doesn’t give you stress, rather it makes you happy on the contrary to too much work in other fields often become monotonous”.

TV actor Mohit Daga says, “Two best things will be very less to say about the entertainment industry because there are many. Every time you get to do something new, be creative, meet new people, live the lives of different personalities… The industry gives you a lot, in return it asks for hard work and honesty. It also provides work to many and fulfill many dreams”.

Micckie Dudaaney says, “The fact of being an actor I get to play lot of different roles it’s not the same monotonous life I have to live everyday like 9 to 5 job which I cannot do here I have different challenge everyday that is exciting for me that is one thing I love about this industry. Second is who doesn’t like name and fame in the society it gives you recognition”.

TV star Avinash Mukherjee says, “How it let the audience escape reality for a while, gives hope and aspiration for a better life, teaches us to do what is right are the few things that sets the entertainment industry apart. Apart from fulfilling many dreams, bringing creative minds together to make something beautiful, entertaining the hearts and minds of many, it also helps in running many kitchens”.

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