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Squid Game Inspired By Real Life Incident? Here’s What The Maker Had To Say!

With the global success of Squid Game, people all across the globe are anticipating the sophomore season of the series. as the director of the series confirmed the news of the second season, it has awakened a sense of curiosity among viewers since then.

With the sophomore season on the way, and with the maker of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk in talks with Netflix for a third season already, fans can’t seem to contain their happiness. Series like Squid Game is a one-time event, they don’t happen quite often. Right after its release, Squid Gae became a phenomenon within a couple of days, more so in India. The South Korean parody is based around a bunch of ‘failed’ people who are battling to pay their debts. They get a brilliant opportunity to alter their fortune by winning an incredible cash prize by partaking in a set of games.

The success of the series also awakened a sense of curiosity among the viewers about the source of inspiration behind the violent storyline of the series. Viewers really wanted to know what made the maker Hwang make such a show which has so many emotions in it. WhenHang Dog Hyuk shred it almost took him 10 years to finalize the script of the show, e went ahead and shared about the hidden inspiration of the show. For the unversed, the series revolves around a set of contestants, willing to play a set of games risking their lives to earn money to clear off their debts. In this regard, Hwang shared how this idea came from his own life when back in 2009, the director faced a huge financial crisis and was in a dire need of money.

He revealed how this real-life incident, plus additional fiction made for the basic plot of the series. He also revealed how he faced a deep financial crisis after his mother’s retirement and his condition was so terrible, that he couldn’t even find a financer. He recalls taking loans between himself, his mother and his grandmother and was left jobless throughout the day, this continued for almost over a year.

It was during this tie when his wife wasn’t a great shape, that he engaged himself in reading books like ‘Battle Royal, Liar Game and other survival game comics’. “If there was a survival game like this, in reality, I wondered, would I join it to make money for my family? I realised that, since I was a filmmaker, I could put my own touch to these kinds of stories so I started on the script,” he revealed.

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Now with the immense success of squid Game, thankfully the director has a decent life for himself and his family. The second season of the series is all set to release earliest by 2023.

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