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HYBE Multilabel Auditions 2022 In Las Vegas; Is India Too on The Queue?

The Label has organized an audition in Las Vegas, where the boys are present for a four-day mini-tour. Amidst the global auditions, what is the fate of Indian K-pop fans who wish to audition? Read to know more!

Things have become ‘Wild’ in Las Vegas, and quite at that, with BTS kick-starting their four-day mini-tour on Friday. While the city is bustling with anticipation, not only to see the boys perform but to all those who also wish to be like them. Sounds bizarre? It won’t after you’ll know how many fans travelled all around from the globe to participate in the Multilabel auditions at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Thousands of K-pop fans, lined up all day, just for their chance to audition under the seven prestigious labels of HYBE Entertainment, Big Hit Music, Belift Lab, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, and KOZ Entertainment, HYBE Labels Japan and HYBE America — over a period of four days. “About 13,000 signed up online,” shared a crew who works for the HYBE’s America label. “They don’t audition for a specific label, we set it up so that they can show themselves and their talents to as many labels as possible” he continued.

Not just this, HYBE choreographer, Son Sung Deuk, who has helped with the choreography for iconic BTS songs like ‘DNA’, ‘No more dream’, ‘FIRE’ ‘Blood sweat and tears’ among many others, is also said to be present at the auditions, as the main judge. While the label announced a global audition back in 2021, it was only able to successfully conduct auditions in only selective locations like Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, and New york city, among others.

Although with the growing craze of BTS and K-Pop in general in India, might work as a catalyst in opening the doors for various audition opportunities in India too. Even a few years back, the thought of the South Korean boy band performing in India seemed almost impossible. But over the years, the love and support that BTS and other K-Pop groups have managed to receive from Indian fans is commendable and has made it possible for the 2 times Grammys nominated band to actually shortlist India too, for their year-end world tour.

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However, HYBE Entertainment has made it possible for all its overseas auditioners to apply online on their official website, by adding a registration page for all the candidates who wish to apply in various categories.

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