Will Deepika Padukone Be A Part Of Brahmastra 2? Here’s What Ayan Mukerji Said

Ayan Mukerji opens on rumors and reports about Deepika Padukone being a part of Brahmastra 2, here's what he said-

Brahmastra 2: Ayan Mukerji’s film, Brahmastra is by far the most-awaited film of the year. The Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer film opened up to record-shattering earnings at the box office. Meanwhile, ever since the release of the film, there has been buzz about Deepika Padukone’s cameo in the second part of the film. Addressing the rumors Brahmastra director, Ayan Mukerji has now finally opened up on the matter, here’s what he has to say-

Will Deepika Padukone Be A Part Of Brahmastra 2? Ayan Mukerji Answers

There has been much about Deepika Padukone’s rumored cameo in Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra 2. Recently during an interaction with Pinkvilla, Ayan was shown a video that claimed Deepika Padukone’s cameo in brahmastra, when asked to comment on the same he said, “I think you have imagined it. I think it was in that particular screen. Also, the image was so dark, that I can’t see the face of the actor.”

Later Alia also added to the conversation and said, “I think, it’s what you want to see. Har cheese ko batane ka ek waqt hota hai (There’s a time to tell everything.” To this, Ayan said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Ayan further added, “What you want to see is what you see. We are not confirming only that Deepika is a part of part one or a part of part two yet,”

Apart from Alia and Ayan Ranbir also commented on Deepika’s rumored cameo, he said, “Sahi waqt pe kut lena chahiye, warna gile shiqwe hone lagte hai (It is important to stop at the right time or it gives rise to grievances). So, I think you should move to the next question.”

Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor On “Dev” & “Amrita” In Brahmastra 2

In a recent interview with India Today, actress Alia Bhatt was asked to cast Bollywood actors for roles in Brahmastra, to this Alia recommended Deepika Padukone for “Amrita” in Brahmastra, she said, “DP for sure, for Amrita. She’s gorgeous, and stunning, and has that amazing stature.” 

Apart from Alia, Ranbir Kapoor was also seen sharing his views on “Dev” and “Amrita’s” role in the second installment of the film, Ranbir said, “Dev and Amrita are by far the most exciting characters in this trilogy, and it’s going to be very exciting for any actor to play this part. We have an inclination about where it’s going, and it’s only going to provide more grandeur to the trilogy.”

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