Rashmika To Alia: Actresses Who Have Fallen Victim To Deep Fakes

From Rashmika Mandanna to Alia Bhatt and Kajol, here's a list of actresses who have fallen victim to the deep fake videos.

With the growth in technology and AI, deep fakes or synthetically altered content have now become an issue of concern among people. The issue gained prominence after a deep fake video of Animal actress Rashmika Mandanna went viral on social media, since then many Bollywood actresses have fallen victim to the deep fakes, check out the list.

  1. Rashmika Mandanna

This row initially started with a deep fake video of Animal actress Rashmika Mandanna. The video showed a woman entering an elevator, but Rashmika’s face was digitally altered onto the woman’s face. Following the same, the Delhi Police questioned a 19-year-old from Bihar regarding Rashmika Mandanna’s deep fake video. According to news agency PTI, the police had suspected that the 19-year-old had uploaded the video on his social media which went viral later on.

2. Katrina Kaif

After Rashmika Mandanna, a morphed photo of actress Katrina Kaif also went viral on social media. The morphed photo was from the towel fighting sequence from the film Tiger 3. The towel photo of the actress was morphed.

3. Kajol

Meanwhile, just recently a deep fake video of actress Kajol also went viral on social media. In the video, the actress’s face was morphed and photoshopped on a woman who was seen changing her clothes on screen. As per the reports, the deep fake video initially features a British social media influencer who shot her “GRWM” (Get Ready With me) video.

4. Alia Bhatt

The latest to join the list is Alia Bhatt. Recently an extremely disturbing and obscene deep fake video of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt went viral on social media. In the highly circulated video, a woman was seen making obscene gestures towards the camera. However, if one looks closely they can tell that it’s “not” Alia Bhatt but some random woman in the video.

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