Anushka Sharma Gets Trolled For Virat Kohli’s Dismissal At WTC Finals, Called Her “Panoti”

Netizens are furious about the defeat and have begun pointing the finger upon Anushka Sharma, who was in the stadium to support Virat Kohli and the entire Indian cricket squad.

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli are one of the most adored and loved couples in town. We have seen many times that Virat has admitted that Anushka is his inspiration. He often credited her for his success and called her strongest pillar of his life. The couple have a massive fan following, and their fans call them as Virushka. While they have millions of fans, haters leave no stone unturned to make them look bad.

Anushka is currently the target of trolls due to India’s defeat by Australia in the WTC Finals Championship on June 11, 2023. Internet users are furious about the defeat and have begun pointing the finger upon Anushka, who was in the stadium to support her husband Virat and the entire Indian cricket squad.

Virat Kohli went out at 49 after his wicket was taken by Steve Smith, which was a significant setback for the Indian cricket team. eanwhile, Anushka’s shocked expression was recorded on camera as she responded to her husband’s expulsion. The fans continued to blame her for the team’s loss in the championship, notwithstanding this fact. Anushka Sharma was blamed by Twitter users for Virat Kohli’s ouster and India’s defeat in the WTC Finals.

Internet users are taking to their Twitter handles and lashing out at Anushka Sharma.

One user wrote, “This is the fault of Anushka Sharma only that we have not won any icc tournaments. She should have bowled better and fielded too. And her batting is terrible. Should be sacked as soon as possible. No 50 in the last two IPLs. Poor player.”

The second user wrote, “True. Only flying kisses are exchanged between both.”

One more wrote, “Last evening when kohli were going back to pavilion after end of the day, he pointing to Anushka with flaying kiss, I really don’t understand what was that and what he wanted to show, but the fact is that from they married, she is big one “panauti” for him, it is for sure!”

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