Shreyas Talpade’s Heart Attack-Side Effect Of Covid-19 Vaccine? Here’s What The Actor Said

Shreyas Talpade said that there is something about his heart attack which is associated with the post-Covid-vaccination. He detailed the entire incident of how everything happened.

The Kartam Bhugtam actor Shreyas Talpade, who made an energetic comeback on the silver screen from a major heart attack, shed light on the consequences of Covid vaccine in the midst of the revelation by AstraZeneca that their Covishield vaccines have some side effects. In December last year, Shreyas Talpade went through a severe health battle which gave a scare to the entire film industry and fans as well. Talking about the incident, one of the fit and finest actors said that there might be some theories which connect it to the Covid-19 vaccine. 

That heart attack was completely unexpected for him, as the Golmaal actor never smokes, and he is not even a regular drinker. He disclosed in an exclusive interview with Lehren, “You never know what goes wrong, when. Apparently, there are some theories which attribute this to the vaccine as well.” After the vaccination, many people observed slight changes in their health. Also, the percentage of people having a heart attack while playing or working out has increased suddenly after the vaccination. Further he continued, “A normal person who is taking good care of himself, still there is something or the other happening with him, then what could be the other reason?”

Sheryas had cholesterol on the higher side, but he was told that it’s “Pretty Normal” in these times. He didn’t ignore it and continued to take medication. He wasn’t the victim of diabetes or blood pressure. Then what was the root of his heart attack, is the biggest question the actor has now. Shreyas mentioned that after the vaccination he started observing some uneasy changes, saying, “I started experiencing, unknowingly, a little bit of fatigue and tiredness and things like that. There has to be some amount of truth in that, right? I mean we completely can’t negate that theory. So maybe it is the Covid or the vaccine, I don’t know what. But there is something which is associated post that.”

The Poster Boys actor not only had a heart attack, but he also went into a cardiac arrest. He will get into more research to find out if it is the Covid or the vaccine. He stated, “Till the time I don’t have enough proof with me, it’s pointless to make any kind of statement on that.”

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