What Is ‘Kartam Bhugtam’? Shreyas Talpade & Director Soham Shah Explain The Unique Title & The Film

Shreyas Talpade and director Soham Shan elaborated on the title 'Kartam Bhugtam', which revolves around Karma, in short, what goes around, comes around. It was the producer Harish Sugandh who indirectly helped Soham to decide the title.

Shreyas Talpade made a fit and fine comeback through the Marathi film ‘Hi Anokhi Gaath’ and now he will hit the screen in the Hindi film ‘Kartam Bhugtam’. This will mark Shreyas’ first Hindi film after a heart attack and cardiac arrest as well, occured in December last year. The Luck director Soham Shah has come up with his creative mind once again through this psychological thriller ‘Kartam Bhugtam’. The title is the first and foremost thing which has grabbed the attention of audiences at first place. But what is it? How did it come? Let’s know about it from the actor and director themselves.

In an exclusive conversation with Lehren, Shreyas Talpade and director Soham Shah shared their enthralling journey of Kartam Bhugtam, which also stars Vijay Raaz alongside Shreyas. The film revolves around the element of Karma. When the Golmaal actor heard this title for the first time, his sudden reaction was “Mast hai yaar”. Talking about how and where the title came from, the director said, “We never know where we pick things from. It’s like something stays back in your memory.” Soham Shah picked this title almost 20 years ago, and he has been working on it since then. He continued, “It’s been 20 years, when I used to interact with producer Harish Sugandh, and he’s been a friend for like, we meet often. So he kept on saying that ‘sab kartam bhugtam hai’. So he had this lingo in his talking.” It hit the director as Harish used to apply it at the right places and that’s how he started his prep for the movie. The title Kartam Bhugtam is related to “What goes around, comes around” and it can “resonate with everyone”, the director added.

There is a phrase which describes the title appropriately, “Reap what you sow”. If you do good Karma, it will return in a good way, but if you have done something wrong, unethical or bad, it will definitely come to you in the same way. The director said that many people may not understand the movie at the first go. But it will slowly sync in.

Shreyas unveiled his favourite factor about the film, saying “What I like? I think the originality of the story and the way he (Soham Shah) has narrated the story on screen.” Soham always wanted to work with Shreyas. In fact, he approached him for ‘Luck’ but Shreyas denied it for personal reasons and now the duo is set to release their venture on May 17 in theatres, a unique story which will definitely resonate with everyone in the midst of an action genre trend. Watch the entire interview here.

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