Is Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood Failure, A Reason Behind His Comeback In WWE?

Dwayne Johnson is now a part of WWE again after his Hollywood lead film Adam Smith failed at the box office. He may join the board of directors.

Dwayne Johnson has made his comeback to the WWE after a very long time. The Rock not only made a public appearance on the show, but he contributed to the storyline of The Bloodline led by Roman Reigns. But his return to WWE has raised many questions about his Hollywood career. It is said that his Hollywood career is fluctuating a bit. 

The third season of Young Rock, a show based on Dwayne Johnson’s life, got canceled somehow, which added more to his recent box office flop. His last venture as a lead, Black Adam, couldn’t garner an astonishing amount and was thus considered as a failure. Therefore, he chose WWE during his dull phase of life. The Rock was offered $30 million to join the board of directors. 

The Rock made a comeback to marketing early in the year. In addition to wowing the crowd with his elegance, he competed as a member of The Bloodline in a tag team at WrestleMania 40. For fans, his portrayal of The Final Boss was a refreshing contrast and spot-on. He lived up to expectations, becoming a great draw and winning praise from critics.

The Rock is reportedly eager to compete for WWE and is anticipating a match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. These rumors have been around for a while. In the midst of this, journalist Dave Meltzer revealed that Dwayne’s recent string of consecutive failures in Hollywood was most likely the reason for his return to the promotion.

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