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Video: Light aircraft lands on Canada highway, traffic continues to move

Commuters on a Quebec highway were greeted with a surreal sight today morning and a video of the incident has left netizens amazed too. A small plane made an emergency landing right in the middle of the highway.

In the video, the small plane hovers above the street and eventually lands amid the oncoming traffic. Shared on Twitter, the video is surprising and thrilling in equal parts.

“Emergency landing of a small plane this morning around 10:00 AM, on ‘Highway 40’ just outside of #Montreal, #Quebec, #Canada,” posted Twitter user Lauthfee Javier C. Alastair.

Since being shared, the video has gathered over one million views – and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also garnered more than 17,800 likes and over 6,600 retweetes.

Not just amazed, many were also surprised at the fact that the traffic kept on moving in an orderly manner despite the plane’s landing. A few also praised the pilot for such a smooth landing.

“In awe at how orderly all of this is. Everyone just calmly slows down, puts their four-ways on, merge smoothly to the left lane. You’d think there’d be more freaking out over the fact that a PLANE LANDED ON THE HIGHWAY,” wrote a Twitter user. “Excellent piloting. There was an urgency to land between the overhead signs that required super-fast decision making. Well done!” praised another. “I don’t know who did better, the pilot or drivers. But well done all the way around folks! Bravo!” wrote a third.

Back in February, another flight video took people by surprise. It captured a pilot pulling off an extraordinary landing amid powerful headwinds brought on by Storm Dennis.

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