Shreyas Talpade To Dub Again For Allu Arjun In Pushpa 2 Hindi Version

Shreyas Talpade confirmed that he is once again dubbing in Hindi for icon star Allu Arjun in his upcoming film Pushpa 2, and he said that in the sequel, the swag is tenfold. 

After the enormous success Pushpa has received, the makers are all set to release the sequel of this Telugu film starring icon star Allu Arjun.  Makers dropped the teaser of ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’ last month and the audiences have gone gaga over it. Not only the Tamil original film but the Hindi version of the film also became the super hit dubbed film and the dubbed dialogues just occupied the social space like Instagram. A Hindi dubbed dialogue from the film “Jhukega Nahi Sala” set the reel trend and, of course, the credit goes to none other than ShreyasTalpade. 

In an exclusive conversation with Lehren, the Kartam Bhugtam actor confirmed that he has been dubbing once again for the Hindi version of Pushpa 2: The Rule.  Producer Manish Shah who backed the Hindi version of the film, called Shreyas Talpade to dub the film. He recalled the incident saying, “He said, ‘Pushpa is a Telugu film, they want to dub it in Hindi’. So I said, ‘OK, but I want to see the film.’ They said, ‘Yeah, yeah, will show you the film but what about money and all?’ So I quoted a certain price, he said, ‘Aree are you mad? Itana paisa pura picture nahi kamayegi.’”  After watching the entire film, Shreyas just loved it, and he also enjoyed the entire dubbing process, which had a slight Marathi tone to the dialogues. 

Shreyas wasn’t expecting the love he got from the audience. There were reels, dialogues and what not. He still couldn’t believe in the magic of the film because, according to him, he had just simply dubbed a film like he would dub his any other film. “Till date I am not able to figure it out,” he added. Well. The actor is not yet done with the entire dubbing for its sequel. But he said “it has gone tenfold”. Shreyas continued ahead, “What he (Allu Arjun) does on screen, helps me dub it in that manner. Because when I saw it, the swag was already in my mind that has helped me perform in the particular manner.” The film will be released on August 15.

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