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Rahul Gandhi Tweeted PM; Requests A Date On The Chinese Matter

The Prime Minister of India addressed the nation on 20th October at 6pm. He announced this on Twitter.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi tweeted PM Narendra Modi ahead of his address to the nation.

In the tweet, Gandhi asked the PM to tell the nation the date by which he will throw out the Chinese from the Indian Territory.

“Dear PM, in your 6 pm address, please tell the nation the date by which you will throw the Chinese out of Indian territory. Thank you,” he wrote.

The Prime Minister though only spoke about the COVID-19 situation and about how precautions need to be taken with respect to the upcoming festive season.

“Recent videos show that people are becoming very lax with the COVID precautions. Videos show that people are being irresponsible and not taking the steps advised. This cannot happen. Till the time we get a vaccine shot, we absolutely cannot be complacent about the pandemic,” PM Modi said.

“India is working on 2-3 vaccine candidates and we are trying our best to get a vaccine, as is the rest of the world. I want you to know that once we get a vaccine, everyone will get it in a planned, phased and fast manner,” he added.

The Chinese Matter

The Chinese and India have been at loggerheads at the Line of Actual Control, the border between the two countries since May.

According to reports, the Chinese troops have attempted to cross the LAC several times in the following months.

20 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives on the line of duty in their clash with the Chinese army in the Galwan valley of Ladakh. Several Chinese also lost their life in the onslaught.

After several clashes, both political and military, there has yet to be a decision regarding the Indian-Chinese matter.

The Chinese are also refusing to adhere to the previous status quo

Rahul Gandhi had been attacking the government in its handling of the Chinese confrontation at the LAC.

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He also said the Prime Minster Modi had given away a substantial amount of Indian land to the Chinese in an attempt to save his image.

“Modi ji said nobody has taken away India’s land…but China has access to 1,200 square km of our land. How did they take it? Even China knows… ‘the man at the top can give us this land to save his image’,” Mr Gandhi had told reporters in Punjab.

The eighth army-level talk to resolve the matter is expected next 

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