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NCW’s Rekha Sharma Slammed On Twitter Over Meeting With Governor

The meeting held with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari was to discuss a rise in ‘Love Jihad’ cases amongst other things.

NCW’s Rekha Sharma is under fire for using a derogatory term used by extremist and vigilante groups.

Love Jihad is used by extremists group to describe inter faith marriage particularly that between Muslim man and Hindu women. According to the right wing party this is a ruse to forcibly convert Hindu girls into Muslims.

The commission tweeted that their chief met with the with Governor Koshyari to discuss women safety an apparent rise in love jihad relationships.

Ms Sharma told the governor that there was a rise in cases of “love jihad” in Maharashtra  and highlighted the distinction between consensual inter-faith marriages and “love jihad”, stating that the latter required attention, the commission said.

“Our Chairperson @sharmarekha met with Bhagat Singh Koshyari, His Excellency, Governor of Maharashtra and discussed issues related to #womensafety in the state including defunct One Stop Centres, molestation and rape of women patients at #COVID centres and rise in love jihad cases,” the NCW tweeted.

As soon as the picture was up on the net, it went viral for all the wrong reason.

Twitterati Response

The NCW and its chief were widely slammed for their right winged stand.

“Would the NCW and its chairperson kindly clarify what is meant by ‘love jihad’? Are you using it with the same meaning which some extremist groups are doing? If so, are you endorsing thier brand of vigilantism?” a Twitter user wrote, replying to the commission’s tweet.

Another user question if one can “trust @NCWIndia to take up cases where women are assaulted and even killed for inter-faith marriages”.

“This is outrageous, there’s growing extremism and intolerance along with state indifference to crimes against women and minorities. Is it really constitutional to use term ‘love jihad’ to target a religion?” reads another response to the NCW’s tweet.

Not only this particular matter, the NCW chief Rekha Sharma’s previous and old controversial tweets were also published.

Ms Sharma has now deleted the said tweets and they are now inaccessible to the people.

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“My stand on this is that I have complained to Twitter as there was suspicious activity happening on my account and its under investigation… Won’t like to reply on trolls,” Ms Sharma said today.

#SackRekhaSharma became one of the trending hashtags on Twitter with many calling for her removal from the top post.

The government does not recognize the term love jihad under its current laws and there have been no cases so far reported by any agency. By this they have officially distanced themselves from this term.

This topic of Love Jihad comes in the backdrop of the Tanishq Ad row which caused an uproar with its alleged love jihad theme. 

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