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Prime Minister’s Open Letter To Bihar Ahead Of Last Phase Of Elections

Prime Minister Modi wrote an open letter to the people of Bihar ahead of the last phase of the elections.

Prime Minister’s open letter to Bihar states that in order for development, Nitish Kumar’s government is a must. PM Modi also feels that the NDA- JDU alliance will work well for the progress of Bihar.

The Prime Minister called forth the power of double engine. Double engine implies the NDA and JDU coalition in the state. He feels it will help Bihar reach new heights of development this decade.

“I need Nitish Kumar‘s government in Bihar to ensure that the state’s development is not derailed and that it doesn’t fall short,” PM Modi wrote in his four-page letter in Hindi.

The PM said votes are being polled in Bihar not on the basis of caste, but for development. “Votes are being cast not for false promises but for strong (political) will/intentions. Not for bad governance, but for good governance. Say no for corruption, but for honesty. Not for opportunism, but for self-dependence. I am convinced of Bihar’s development,” the letter, which was tweeted by the PM’s Twitter

Prime Minister’s open letter completely focused on the development. He said that it is only the NDA that can provide Bihar with better infrastructure, rule of law imperative for social and economic prosperity in Bihar.

“NDA has done work in all sectors in Bihar — electricity, water, roads, health, education and for law and order,” the letter said.

“The people of Bihar are eagerly waiting for the “Swamitva Yojana” (Ownership Plan). These powerful plans will empower the common man and help them lead a dignified life,” he added.

The letter arrived just moments before campaigning for the last phase of Bihar Elections.

The last two phases of elections were held on 28th October and 3r November.

The competition is nail biting as both the parties are going neck to neck in the competition.

The Chief Minister race is on as incumbent Nitish Kumar and young RJD’s leader Tejashwi Yadav battle it out for the top post.

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Nitish Kumar will be Chief Minister for the fourth time if NDA wins. Today he declared that this will be his last time contesting for the elections.

The Prime Minister has already addressed 12 rallies for this elections. 

The results will be declared on 10th November after the votes are counted.

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