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Nitish Kumar Slams Yogi Adityanath For CAA Remarks

The third phase of Bihar elections will take place on 7th November and will decide the next Chief Minister of Bihar.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar slams Yogi Adityanath over the latter’s remarks on CAA.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a public meeting in Bihar. There he made remarks saying that those who breach the country security will be thrown out. While this sentiment in it self is not wrong, it was made under the promise of Citizenship Amendment Act. The Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA talks about giving Indian Citizenship to Non Muslim minorities from neighbouring countries.

The CAA Act is highly controversial as it singles out one religion over another.

Nitish Kumar who is BJP alliance partner called Yogi out on this and asked who speaks this utter rubbish.

“Who utters all this nonsense? No one has the courage [to drive people out]”.

Kaun kisko is desh se bahar karega…ye kisi ke paas dum nahi hai…sab Hindustan ke hain…kaun kisko bahar karega? [Who will drive out whom from this country…no one has the courage…everyone is from India…who will throw out whom?)”, asked Mr. Kumar, while addressing a public meeting on Wednesday in Kochadham. Kochadham is in Kishanganj district of northeast Bihar and is highly Muslim-dominated.

“Who does all this malicious campaigning? Who utters all this faltu baat [nonsense]?”, questioned Mr. Kumar, who is facing a strong opposition.

“It is our religion to take everyone along…this has been our culture…when everyone will walk along, Bihar would progress”, Mr. Kumar further added.

At another public meeting in Thakurganj, Nitish Kumar had pointed out all that he and his party had done for the welfare of minorities in the state.

“We’ve constructed an agriculture college here in the name of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam…built residential schools for minority children…have also decided to open a veterinary and Home Science College and also to make Anjuman Islmaia Hall in Patna a multi-storied building”, Mr. Kumar said.

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What Did Yogi Adityanath Say?

Earlier in the day, Mr. Adityanath, while addressing a public meeting at Katihar in northeast Bihar, spoke about the CAA and said, “With the CAA, Prime Minister Modiji has found a solution for the infiltration issue…he ensured the safety of the tortured minorities living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Those who try to breach the security of the country will be thrown out…we’ll not tolerate anyone who messes with the country’s security and sovereignty”.

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