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Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Chirag Paswan Slams Nitish Kumar As Election Day Closes In

The Lok Janshakti Party’s leader Chirag Paswan has said that The JDU leader is all prepared to leave BJP and join Tejashwi Yadav’s RDJ.


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Chirag Paswan slams Nitish Kumar and tells that Nitish Kumar will bow his head and fold hands before Tejashwi Yadav once the November 10 elections results are. Tejashwi Yadav is Nitish Kumar’s biggest competitor.

Chirag Paswan has said that Nitish Kumar cannot get over his greed for power.

“The same Prime Minister whom you (Nitish Kumar) were never tired of arguing with or criticising, today you are happy to share a stage with him and bow before him as he asks for votes for you? This shows your greed for power and the chief minister’s post. After November 10 you will be bowing before Tejashwi Yadav,” Chirag Paswan was quoted by news agency.

Mr Paswan is well aware of the fact that BJP and JDU have idealogical different stances on various topics. Mainly Article 370 and the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The JDU has been vocal in its stances against CAA, a law the BJP government had passed.

“This lust for power is not going to leave him… So, what we may witness, after the results are out, is Nitish Kumar standing before Tejashwi Yadav, just like he is doing now before PM Modi. If needs be, he will go to Ranchi and seek blessings of Lalu Yadav with bowed head and folded hands,” Mr Paswan was quoted by news agency.

The claws are out as Bihar Elections are on its last leg.

The third and last phase will conclude on 7th November.

The results will be declared on the 10th of the same month.

This is not the first time that Chirag Paswan has had it out for Nitish Kumar. He has repeatedly implied or in some cases directly commented on his changing ties.

Paswan has claimed that Nitish Kumar could break ties with the BJP and re-ally with the RJD. This will be three years after ditching them to re-join the BJP and NDA to remain in power.

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On October 28, as Bihar voted in the first phase, he tweeted: “He (Nitish Kumar) has done preparations to leave the BJP and go with the RJD after the elections.”

Today Mr Paswan also criticised the Chief Minister for his “weakness” and failure to ensure development for Bihar, despite holding power for 15 years.


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