Do You Know Why Govinda Rejected Many Movies Including Hollywood Film Avatar?

Govinda revealed rejecting not only Bollywood blockbusters but also a Hollywood opportunity, turning down a role in the iconic film 'Avatar.'

Govinda, who is known as the king of comedy in Bollywood, have worked in many comedy movies in the 80s and 90s. These films did wonders at the box office, due to which the actor became very popular among the fans. But do you know that Govinda rejected a Hollywood Movie ‘Avatar’ and many Bollywood blockbuster films in his career. This has been done by no one else but the actor himself. The actor revealed that he was offered the Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’. He further said that he had proposed the title ‘Avatar’ to director James Cameron. He made this revelation while appearing on the TV show Aap ki Adalat few years back.

“It was a big hit and I told James Cameron that your movie will be successful. I also said that this film will not be completed for the next 7 years. James was angry with me. I was unaware that I am in his city.” said Govinda on the show. He also added that other factors that stopped him from playing the role was the shooting schedule. Govinda had to shoot for a total of 410 days. ‘Dulhe Raja’ actor also added that he didn’t like the idea of his body being covered in paint. “I told him it wasn’t my style.”

Govinda told Rajat Sharma that he turned down a role in ‘Gadar’ because he didn’t like the language. Apart from this he even rejected a role in Yash Chopra’s ‘Chandni’, because the actor didn’t want to play the character of a handicapped person.

Further, he also rejected Subhash Ghai’s musical hit film ‘Taal’. In this film, Govinda was offered the role played by Anil Kapoor. Despite liking his role and the script, Govinda revealed that he did not like the title of the movie.

He was also offered the role of Chunni Babu in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Devdas’, which was ultimately played by Jackie Shroff. But he refused to play this character because he did not want to play the role of a supporting actor.

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