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Sana Khan Hints To Block Melvin’s Rumored Girlfriend On Social Media?

Sana Khan took on her Instagram to post a picture with a witty caption which gives hint that she might block Melvin Louis' rumored girlfriend on social media. Read below.

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis were amongst the adorable couples of the industry but their recent break-up broke many hearts. Not only was the break-up a shocking news but what followed after that left everyone stunned.

Sana openly admitted that the reason for their break-up was that she came to know that Melvin was cheating on her. In a recent interview, Sana candidly reflected on her relationship with Melvin and came to the conclusion that she was blinded by love throughout the relationship that she ignored all the red-flags.

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Meanwhile, to spill more beans on the topic Sana took on her Instagram to share a photo with a witty caption. She shared the picture with a caption that reads, “Don’t show me attitude my blocklist is bigger than your friendslist (sic).”

The caption or the picture isn’t tagged to anyone but surely it seems like a clear warning from Sana to Melvin’s rumored girlfriend that she won’t mind blocking her off on social media as she has fans and friends who would support her at any given moment.

For the unversed, in an interview, Sana went on to admit that Melvin would mistreat her and never allow her to meet anyone alone. The most shocking revelation was when she said that Melvin has molested a 15-year old girl.

Well, the truth remains between the two but where Sana has been quite open about everything, Melvin has kept silent on his side.

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