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Sana Khan Claims Melvin Louis Is Bisexual?

Sana Khan has spilled the beans on Melvin Louis and she has some shocking revelations to make. Read below to know more.

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis were and their breakup surely came as a shock to many. But not only was their split a shock but the nasty drama which followed later because of Sana’s confession garnered a lot of controversies. She claimed that Melvin was cheating on her while they were in a relationship. She also accused him of sexually exploiting many women.

Meanwhile, Sana has made quite an explosive revelation about Melvin Louis post their breakup drama. She went on to spill the beans and said, “After his last breakup, he told me he caught his ex cheating with multiple boys, that she is gay and has affairs with girls. I was like, why were you dating a gay? And then I got to know he is no less bisexual.”

Sana further added that he goes for boys and she knows those boys. They live in Mumbai. Another of his ex-girlfriends is also involved in this but I don’t want to name her. Apparently, since 2017 he’d been going around with this girl but she never appeared on his Instagram because she wasn’t very famous. He tried to woo a bigshot. In the meantime, he started dating another girl while his previous affair was still in the background.

Sana then said emphasized on her previous claims that Melvin used her to get fame and attention.

In the past, Sana had made many accusations stating that Melvin restricted her from doing many works and always had a problem with her giving close shots with some other girl while he didn’t ask her while doing intimate dance steps with his female co-dancers.

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