Why Aashiqui Girl Anu Aggarwal Left The Film Industry At The Peak Of Her Career?

Mahesh Bhatt's 'Aashiqui' film gave tremendous success to Anu Aggarwal, and that stardom made her life difficult. She was afraid to even go outside her home. 

Aashiqui Girl, Anu Aggarwal, who experienced stardom within one night, disappeared somewhere away from the glamorous world of films after a certain time. She debuted in Bollywood through Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Aashiqui’ in the year 1990. Anu was active in the industry for a short duration of 5 to 6 years, and then she left the glamorous world of films. Also in 1997, the actress met with a horrifying accident which shaked up her life. But that accident was not the reason Anu Aggarwal left the silver screen. In fact, it was stardom which made her leave the film industry.

In a recent exclusive interview with Lehren, the Aashiqui girl became open about her life after a very long time. The super-model talked about the negative changes that happened in her life after the tremendous success of Aashiqui. She always preferred to stay alone, and she handled everything alone in the unknown city, Mumbai, after returning from Paris. But the stardom she gained after Aashiqui made her simple life difficult and complicated. She said that post Aashiqui success, every day was difficult as people became her fans, and she couldn’t really differentiate between who was good and who was not. She disclosed that people used to stand outside her residential building, and she was really afraid to go outside her apartment, although she was a “fearless child”. She had to keep herself safe. And that’s the reason Anu Aggarwal left the industry.

Further, she continued, “I didn’t get any upliftment in the characters. Par jaise kehte hai ki meri personality badh ke kuch aur ho gayi after (after Aashiqui)… Mere saath toh down ho gaya kyunki mein already waha thi (I didn’t get upliftment in characters. Generally, after movies, our personalities get developed. But in my case, my personality faced a downfall because I had already achieved that level).”  She revealed that she used to earn in dollars and francs and in pounds when she was in London. She used to fly in business class and thus leaving films wasn’t a heavy thing for her. Anu joined Yoga after films and transformed her lifestyle. Watch this entire exclusive interview to know about her life experiences, her comeback and more interesting stories.

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