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Rubina Doesn’t Tag Jasmin Whilst Promoting Tera Suit With Aly

Cold war between friends turned enemies Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin which started in BB14 continues as Rubina doesn’t tag Jasmin whilst promoting Tera Suit with Aly.

Now this is interesting to see how Jasmin and Rubina’s bygones are not really a part of past as from the time their song has come out now, Rubina doesn’t tag Jasmin whilst promoting Tera Suit with Aly.

The much awaited song for all the 3Jasly fans and audiences is out now but the Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina doesn’t tag Jasmin whilst promoting Tera Suit with Aly.

Even after taking to her instagram story and giving a shout out to the song, intentionally, Rubina doesn’t tag Jasmin whilst promoting Tera Suit with Aly.

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Rubina and Jasmin initially did turn out to be really good and close friends in the Bigg Boss house during the recently concluded Bigg Boss 14, who also did bond well and took care of each other but soon after their friendship went kaput and bad after the ‘Panchayat Task’ when Bigg Boss divided them both into two teams wherein they had to make accusations on each other to win the task.

By the end of the season a week before the BB14 grand finale, Dil Se Dil Tak fame stunning TV actress Jasmin Bhasin entered the house again but this time as boyfriend and ace TV star Aly Goni’s connection, Rubina Dilaik did try clearing out the entire mess with her but it felt like nothing much changed in between both of them and Rubina’s latest instagram story speaks about it really loud.

Jasmin and Aly who confessed their feelings to each other inside the house and also became the audiences and fans favorite #Jasly who have their own fandom on social media, have now worked together in the latest trending and virally hit song Tera Suit with the versatile singer and hit maker Tony Kakkar under the Desi Music Factory label which is already breaking the internet and now Aly, Jasmin and even Tony’s loved ones are seen promoting the song from their social media handles in order to give it more push and this same thing has been done by Rubina Dilaik as well. She posted a screenshot of the song requesting fans and friends to swipe up by tagging Aly Goni and Tony Kakkar but Jasmin wasn’t tagged in it.

In a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, whilst speaking about her equation with Jasmin, Rubina said, “When Jasmin came back to the show during the family week, I made a conscious effort to make her understand that I have let go off things. However, I found she had come inside with some baggage. I didn’t understand, now when she is out of the show what are the things that are bothering you so much. I sensed that she is still hanging on to past things and it’s becoming difficult. So, I told her I have nothing from my end and you can take your own time to think about it. Relationships are to be from both the sides. I tried from my end the entire season, also when she re-entered although I didn’t get good vibes from her. So it is ok uska apna man hai. She has all the freedom to exercise her emotion”.

Whereas even Jasmin on her social media post has cleared of not holding any grudges. She wrote, “Ok so let me make one thing clear, bigg boss was an amazing journey which has filled my personal and professional life with happiness and success but the show is over now and I am grateful for everything that the show has given me and I have absolutely nothing against any”.

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