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Post Fight With Moose And Breakdown, Neha Says I Am Done

The digitally streamed indian TV reality show Bigg Boss OTT is getting explosive since as this time, post fight with Moose and breakdown, Neha says I am done.

Indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss OTT currently streaming digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select and hosted by renowned producer Karan Johar ever since its inception on 8th August 2021, is showcasing a lot of fights, drama, emotions, friendships being formed, friends turning enemies, arguments and so on along with lots of entertainment which is being liked a lot by the fans, viewers and audiences and speaking about the fireworks happening right now in house, post fight with Moose and breakdown, Neha says I am done.

Now in midst of the explosive fights taking place between the contestants, this time seen locking horns with each other in Bigg Boss were celeb contestants singer Neha Bhasin and Youtuber Muskan Jattana and this would not be wrong to say that since every action has a reaction, post fight with Moose and breakdown, Neha says I am done.

It’s just been a week but looks like the fights always catch the attention and grab eyeballs of audiences and this time around, the show down between Neha and Muskan got so intense that post fight with Moose and breakdown, Neha says I am done.

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This argument between them got so intense and took an explosive form that it made the Jag Ghoomeya (2016) fame iconic bollywood singer Neha Bhasin have an extreme breakdown with her saying that she is done and wants to go home.

It so happened that social media influencer and india’s most influential youngest Youtuber Moose Jattana (Muskan Jattana) walked and came towards Neha with two bowls and asked her if she has washed them and whilst she was speaking to Neha, her tone of talking was really bitter and on this Neha said that if they aren’t clean then she would wash them again.

This was followed by Neha talking with all other housemates and telling them about how much she was irked with Moose’s attitude especially towards her and then the singer replied that she’d totally smash Moose’s face and even Moose was present over there who again asked her, and on this Neha lost her cool and responded, “Tere papa ka ghar nahi hai, dimaag satka hua hai, ghar chhodkar aayi hai”.

After few minutes, again Neha was heard saying, “Kyun aati hai baat karne”. Neha also expressed that Moose is ill-mannered and speaks ill. Also bringing in the age factor, where she asked Moose to respect her.

This entire fighting and ugly showdown resulted in Neha having a meltdown. She says she doesn’t want to stay in the house with such cheap people and want to go home and shedding more emphasis on it, she said, “Mujhe sadak chhap logon ke sath nahin rehna hai, I am done, I want to go home”.

On this, almost all the housemates supported Neha and then when Neha said that she doesn’t want to sleep next to Moose, even Divya shifted Moose’s belongings on a sofa and told her to sleep on her bed.

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