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Bigg Boss OTT Celeb Contestant Muskan Jattana Is Bisexual

An important news scoop of the day here is that 19 years old popular Youtuber and social media influencer, Bigg Boss OTT celeb contestant Muskan Jattana is bisexual.

It has only been like few days ever since the much awaited indian television’s most popular and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss’s Bigg Boss OTT started streaming digitally on renowned OTT streaming platform Voot Select with maverick bollywood producer Karan Johar as the host and it has already started showing loads of drama, controversies, arguments, fights, revelations, friendships being formed, friends turning foes and entertainment to all the fans and viewers who are really liking this season as well and a shocking news scoop here is that Bigg Boss OTT celeb contestant Muskan Jattana is bisexual.

Whilst the audiences have already seen some amount of friction amidst Pratik Sehajpal, Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty in the show, this is indeed an unexpected piece of reveal by the celeb contestant and social media influencer Moose Jattana (Muskan Jattana) since the Bigg Boss OTT celeb contestant Muskan Jattana is bisexual.

It is true that the 19 year old social media influencer, popular Youtuber and Bigg Boss OTT celeb contestant Muskan Jattana is bisexual.

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This revelation happened when Pratik Sehajpal asked her about her sexual orientation in the show.

Moose Jattana also confessed openly that although she is more attracted towards guys but for her even the connection with girls is also important and also she would like to eventually settle down with a girl instead of a boy if she manages to develop a strong bond with her and shedding more emphasis on this, she said, “I am more attracted to boys. On the spectrum, the connection with a girl is more important to me”.

Recently, as well she had been seen locking horns with well-known Punjabi singer Millind Gaba after she ended up passing a comment on him and Pratik and of course this loud showdown and argument that took place in between them both managed to grab a lot of eye balls and she didn’t stop there but also went on to comment on Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s profession on which Akshara responded, “I was casually asking Moose to look for Millind Gaba for dinner and she said, ‘Gabe mere g… me hai’. I felt bad. She is friendly with me but I didn’t like the tone. She also made a comment about my work saying ‘Ye jo tum Bhojpuri gaana waana gaati ho… (All these Bhojpuri songs that you sing..)’ That is how she speaks about my work”.

Moose’s real name is Muskan Jattana, she shot to fame after her video, Mossewali went viral.

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