What! Blackpink’s Lisa Planning To Leave The Band Due To A Big Offer? Here’s How Blinks Reacts!

The K-pop girl band Blackpink's Lisa is planning to leave the band due to an offer of over $81 million. Here's how Blinks reacts!

Bold, classy, glamorous, and super talented, this is Blackpink, the Korean pop girls group with whom the whole globe is obsessed. The band is one of the highest-performing bands in South Korea, led by Jisso, Lisa, Rose, and Jennie. However, for the past few months, some reports have been circulating on the internet that Lisa might leave the band. 

Lisa debuted under YG Entertainment with the band Blackpink in 2016, and since then she has only been onward and upward, reaching success. The 26-year-old Thai singer and dancer has accomplished a lot of love and success around the globe in just a few years, and she is getting various offers in foreign countries as well.

It was recently reported that Lisa had been offered $81 million for various projects abroad, and this led fans to speculate that the singer might leave the group. Reports also claimed that YG Entertainment’s contract with Blackpink was expiring in August 2023. And it is prompted for the singer to leave the group.

Well, the confirmation of this was not from YG Entertainment and not from Blackpink member that Lisa was leaving. Instead, YG Entertainment is fully confident that the relationship with the group will go smoothly, and they will continue to support the group and provide various activities, including solo projects and acting roles.

As soon as the news started making the rounds on the internet, Blinks started commenting. One user wrote, “Well, Lisa herself has never said anything about leaving. Plus, she supposedly just bought a big house in Seoul. If that story is true, it seems to indicate that she plans to continue living in Seoul for many more years.”

The second user wrote, “She is not so selfish. She knows that blinks will support her no matter what her decision is but at the same will be heartbroken not to see all four of them together.”

The third user wrote, “I hope she doesn’t leave, so many of kpop idols have left, I don’t want anyone especially blackpink and bts.”

One more user wrote, “YG can’t afford it. Any of the girls can easily make more then in YG. Contract can be for years. The best years of their lives.”

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