Unknown Facts About Blackpink: Two Members Have A Crush On The Same Person, And More!

The most precious thing about Blackpink is its members. These girls have different life stories, and more want to know about the group.

Bold, classy, glamorous, and super talented, this is Blackpink, the Korean pop girls group with whom the whole globe is obsessed. The girl who beat Ariana Grande and Tayolor Swift with their overwhelming success

Let us talk today about the Blackpink group, whose discussions are held all over the world, and learn about some of their unknown facts. 

The group made its debut on August 8, 2016, with four members.

There is a very interesting story behind the name “Blackpink.” When the group decided on the name, they named it Blackpink because they wanted to break a common perception about the colour pink. The pink colour is just a symbol of pretty and cuteness, they finalised Blackpink because it means “Pretty isn’t everything.” And along with this, they also wanted to show that they had qualities, skills, and talent along with beauty. 

Two members of the group, Lisa and Rose, have a crush on the same person, whom they admitted in 2018. Both have a crush on Train to Busan lead actor Gong Yoon. 

Group member Rose had no such thoughts about joining, but her father jokingly suggested that she should audition for YG Entertainment, which was happening in Australia. Rose didn’t take it too seriously because she thought it was nonsense and there was no guarantee that she would be selected. But later she thought, “Let’s audition,” and surprisingly, she got selected for the first position, and within two months she went to South Korea for training.

The group members come from all different backgrounds; Lisa is from Satuek District, Thailand, and can speak fluently seven languages. Jennie Kim is from Seoul, South Korea, Jisoo is from Sanbon-dong, Gunpo-Si, South Korea; and Rose is from Auckland, New Zealand. Now the four have also learned multiple languages while talking to each other and doing concerts in different countries.

Jennie is the first member of the group to release a single named Solo in 2018. In which the highlight was Jennie’s rap skills and her performance. 

In an interview, group member Rose said that she got inspiration for her musical style from American singer and songwriter Tory Kelly. 

In 2019, Blackpink won the most-listed female K-pop artist award, which they got from the Spotify Awards.

Blackpink has been on tour around the world, driving fans into a wild frenzy at each performance due to its incessant fame. Blackpink’s net worth as a whole is about 35 million dollars, And if we talk about who has the highest earnings in the group, then it is Lisa.

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