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Jake Gyllenhaal Just Troll Taylor Swift’s ‘RED’ Album?

Taylor Swift was romantically linked to Jake Gyllenhaal for three months in 2010.

Jake Gyllenhaal has recently appeared in a W Magazine feature and he is raising eyebrows as the feature appeared to reference Taylor Swift, whose latest album, Red (Taylor’s Version), is chock-full of lyrics speculated to be about the 41-year-old actor. In a portrait taken by photographer Tim Walker released on January 12, Jake is seen wearing a crimson button-down shirt with matching heart-shaped sunglasses resting on his head.

As Swifties know all too well, Taylor rocked similar-looking frames in her 22 music video from her Red era, provoking speculations that the accessory was a nod to the 32-year-old singer. Fan took to W Magazine’s Instagram post of Jake’s photo comment section and wrote, “is he feeling 22???” Another one quipped, “Red Shirt, The 22 music video sunglasses!! Jake and Tim Walker woke up and chose violence.”

Meanwhile, if this wasn’t enough then, InStyle noted in an online story published on the same day that picture’s original caption read, “Red (Jake’s Version).” Needless to say, Swifties had thoughts about that too. “Whoever wrote that caption deserves a raise,” one user wrote under W Magazine’s post, while another joked, “the person in charge of your socials has been waiting all day to post with this caption.”

Later, the caption was changed and now the caption under the post reads, “When the Danish film #TheGuilty premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, much of the audience exited the screening in a state of distress. #JakeGyllenhaal, on the other hand, felt inspired. For our annual Best Performances issue, the actor discusses reimagining the thriller for American audiences, being starstruck by Brad Pitt, and the one movie that always makes him cry.”

For the people who yet didn’t get it, Taylor Swift was romantically linked to Jake for three months in 2010. As Swiftie folklore has it, some of the songs from her 2012’s Red were about the fallout from their relationship. And when Taylor released a re-recording of the album last November and added new scathing lyrics to her smash hit All Too Well people were waiting with bated breath to see how Jake would respond.

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