Florence Pugh Opens Up About Her Role In ‘Oppenheimer’ And Christopher Nolan’s Apology

In India, The Movie Faced Criticism For A Scene In Which Florence Pugh's Character Makes Cillian Murphy's Character Read From The Gita During A Intimate Moment

Florence Pugh is garnering appreciation for her role in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” where she portrays psychiatrist and physician Jean Tatlock. During a conversation with MTV UK, Florence disclosed that Christopher Nolan had apologized for the size of her role in the film.

She shared, “Except I knew that Chris [Nolan] really, really wanted me to know that it wasn’t a very big role, and he understands if I don’t want to come near it. And I was like, ‘Doesn’t matter. Even if I’m a coffee maker at a café in the back of the room, let’s do it.'”

Florence recalled, “I remember he apologized about the size of the role. I was like, ‘Please don’t apologize.’ And then he said, ‘We’ll send you the script, and honestly, you just read it and decide if it’s like… I completely understand the sizing thing.’ And I remember that evening when I got the script, being like, ‘I don’t need to… I know I’m going to do it.'”

In India, the movie faced criticism for a scene in which Florence Pugh’s character makes Cillian Murphy’s character read from the Gita during an intimate moment. Addressing the s*x scenes in the film, Murphy stated in a recent interview with British GQ that these scenes were “vital.”

He explained, “I think the relationship that he has with Jean Tatlock is one of the most crucial emotional parts of the film. I think if they’re key to the story then they’re worthwhile. Listen, no one likes doing them, they’re the most awkward possible part of our job. But sometimes you have to get on with it.”

Apart from Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer cast includes Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Robert Downey Jr. in pivotal roles.

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