Alia Bhatt Shines In Sabyasachi Saree At Met Gala 2024

Alia Bhatt stole the show at Met Gala 2024 in a Sabyasachi saree, earning praise as the 'best dressed' online.

MetGala2024: Alia Bhatt graces the Met Gala red carpet for the second time, effortlessly embodying the event’s esteemed ambiance. Adorned in a breathtaking Sabyasachi saree, she embraces the “The Garden of Time” theme with sheer elegance. The intricate floral motifs on the delicate fabric seamlessly blend with the overarching garden motif of the evening.

Alia radiates beauty, not just through her exquisite saree, but also through her meticulously styled hair and makeup. Her hair is elegantly fashioned into a playful bun, reminiscent of a creation by garden fairies, and embellished with striking Sabyasachi jewels, resembling delicious candies.

The elaborate jewelry hairband harmonizes perfectly with her dangling earrings, creating a cohesive look. Remaining true to her philosophy of “less makeup, more impact,” Alia opts for a luminous, dewy complexion, enhancing her natural glow with subtle hints of pink that harmonize flawlessly with her skin tone.

Fans React To Alia Bhatt’s Saree Look At Met Gala 2024

Alia’s unexpected appearance at the 2024 Met Gala sparked immense joy across the internet, with her ensemble quickly becoming the talk of the town. The sight of a saree on the prestigious international red carpet always commands attention, and Alia Bhatt’s choice was no different. Numerous users on X platform chimed in with their opinions on the actor’s stunning attire. One user went as far as to label her as the ‘best dressed’ celebrity of the glamorous event.

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