Undekhi Season 3 Review: An Unseen Last Chapter

In 'Undekhi' Season 3, the Atwal family faces fresh threats and internal suspicion. While the family saga remains captivating, the intense tension of earlier seasons has diminished.

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An Unseen Last Chapter

Undekhi Season 3 Star Cast/ Actors: Harsh Chhaya as Surinder Singh Atwal, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DSP Barun Ghosh, Surya Sharma as Surinder Singh Atwal;s Son Rinku, Ankur Rathee as Daman, Ayn Zoya as Saloni, Aanchal Singgh as Teji, Shivangi Singh as Muskaan,Varun Badola as Rajveer Malhotra,Lavvina Taandon as Rashi,Nandish Singh Sandhu as Samarath, Rahul Bagga as Satinder.

Undekhi Season 3  Director: Ashish R Shukla

Undekhi Season 3 Release Date: May 10, 2024

Undekhi Season 3 Available On: Sony LIV OTT Platform

Undekhi Season 3 Released/ Available In Languages: Hindi

Undekhi Season 3  Number Of Episodes: 8

Undekhi Season 3 Episode Duration: 40 minutes (approx each episode)

Undekhi Season 3 Critic Review:

The whole gang’s back in Manali.

Surinder Singh Atwal (Harsh Chhaya) with his bottle, his stoop and his stock of filthy abuses.

His unsmiling son Rinku (Surya Sharma) stays as crude and ruthless as the criminal father, softening only when wife Muskaan (Shivangi Singh) tells him he’s going to be a dad. Atwal’s US-returned refined son Daman (Ankur Rathee) remains clueless about his ever-scheming wife Teji (Aanchal G Singgh). For most part, viewers too, don’t quite know what Teji or her friend-turned-cockroach Saloni (Ayn Zoya) are up to.

DSP Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Ghosh) with his faulty grammar and faultless Bengali brain has returned to the scene of crime, all the way from Kolkata. The chase to nail Atwal for the murder of a tribal girl is not yet a closed deal for Ghosh.

Israeli baddies running the international drug mafia are in town, the Atwals taking turns to do business with them. For the ultimate in criminals, they leave themselves gauchely unguarded, a Teji listening in on their confidential conversations from outside the window with impunity, and gunmen walking in at will.

The killing of a tribal girl and the Atwal crime empire of Himachal had a certain appeal the first time around. Like Ram Madhvani’s Aarya which had freshness in its favour but soon slid into becoming just another drugs and crime show with rivalries galore. The much-appreciated new ground set by Undekhi 1 has similarly fatigued over seasons and lost its original appeal.

So, watch almost a re-run of the earlier episodes as Rinku, Teji, Israelis, someone called Samarth (Nandish Singh Sandhu) who was introduced last season, run amok. Several rounds of bullets fired, and bombs being set off lose their impact with the frequency with which they occur. There’s a female narcotics agent brought in and you’ll just have to take her word for it since she’s never really seen contributing to the department in any substantial way. The Ghosh-Atwal cop-and-criminals chase with another long stint in court, finally gets two new elements to keep the show somewhat

Surinder Atwal’s past is catching up with him.

And there’s a new player in Manali. Rajveer Malhotra (Varun Badola).

Amidst all the Atwal supporters, Ghosh gets sincere Satinder (Rahul Bagga) and Rashi (Lavvina Taandon) on his team.

Director Ashish R Shukla and more than half a dozen writers, including Varun Badola who writes himself a role with intrigue value, make the first six episodes follow the trail of the earlier seasons.

New equations that topple the comfort of existing relationships come in only towards the fag end. But a blast from the past gives it a twist and is a good way to round off the show provided the makers don’t beat us on the head with yet another batch of exhausting Atwal family shenanigans.

Among the performers, as sleazy and sloshed as he may be, Harsh Chhaya performs well as disgusting Atwal, Dibyendu has the burden of carrying his weight around (he must do something about it), Surya Sharma has the personality to make an impact as Rinku and Lavvina Taandon is impressive as the hardworking lady cop.

Undekhi Season 3 – Watch Or Not?: Watch it only if you’re a fan of Harsh Chhaya as the gaali-spewing crime king of Himachal.

Undekhi Season 3 Review Score Rating:  2.5 out of 5 (i.e. 2.5/5)

Undekhi Season 3 Official Trailer:

Undekhi Season 3 Official Trailer (Credits: SonyLiv)

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An Unseen Last ChapterUndekhi Season 3 Review: An Unseen Last Chapter