BTS Jungkook’s Private Schedule Gets Leaked! Read ARMY Reactions Here!

Viral images of the 'euphoria' singer have been making rounds on the internet, post his private schedule got leaked! Read to know-how!

If you’re a BTS fan and have been following the band’s latest updates, you should also know that the boys are currently in the US, all set to meet president Joe Biden. While the youngest of the group, Jeon Jungkook left a day early for the meeting, as to catch up with some work there, he will reportedly join his other team members soon in Washington DC. But recently, a sasaeng activity has made ARMYs fume in anger, read to know what happened!

For the unversed, the South Korean slang word ‘Sasaeng’ refers to a group of obsessive fans, whose obsession with an idol is in such a way that they’re even ready to put their lives or their idols’ lives at risk, just to get some attention from them. When Jungkook left for US a day early than his other team members, no one knew what work commitments the 25-year-old vocalist had, yet pictures of Jungkook started surfacing online when he was spotted in New York City.

In the pictures and clips, that have been now taken down by other ARMYs, in the viral clips and images, Jungkook was spotted, perhaps even followed by sasaeng fans in NYC. He can be seen in a black tee and pants, in most of the images, Jungkook can be seen looking at a toddler. While the management company of Jungkook or Jungkook himself haven’t shared about his schedule and whereabouts in the US, many fans were left shocked upon finding out that some obsessed fast have been following him discreetly.

Another fan tweeted about sasaengs saying, “Okay they are just obsessed saesangs at this point first they know his schedule? following him with a camera they got some issues and bighit needs to step in because it’s his personal time and he is exhausted after travelling and sure camera isn’t the first thing he wants to see”

While this isn’t the first time that Jungkook has come under the radar of obsessive fans, during one of his V-Live sessions, the ‘euphoria’ singer received a prank call from an unknown number, stirring panic. “How do I receive calls on this phone??? the ringing is so scary, I hate it,” he said as he sounded extremely worried after his phone number had got leaked.

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For the unversed, BTS is currently in the US, to meet the US President Joe Biden in the white house to address the pin reading cases of Asian hate violence.

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