Vikrant Massey Reveals His Brother Converted To Islam At The Age Of 17

In a recent interview, Vikrant Massey revealed that his father is a Christian, mother is a Sikhni and his brother had converted to Islam.

Actor Vikrant Massey recently discussed his family, including his elder brother Moeen, during an interview with Unfiltered by Samdish. Vikrant revealed that Moeen embraced Islam at the age of 17. He also mentioned that his father practices Christianity while his mother follows Sikhism.

Vikrant Massey Reveals His Brother Converted To Islam

During his conversation about his brother, Vikrant said, “My brother’s name is Moeen, I am called Vikrant. You’d wonder why the name Moeen? He converted to Islam, my family let him change his religion. They said, ‘Beta, if you find satisfaction in this, then go ahead.’ He converted at the age of 17, it is a big step. My mother is Sikhni, my father is a church-going Christian, he goes to church twice a week. From a young age, I have seen a lot of arguments related to religion and spirituality.”

Vikrant then revealed that his father had to face the questions that his family asked about his brother’s conversion to Islam, he said  “My father was questioned by my extended relatives about how he could ‘allow’ that. He said that was none of their business. ‘He is my son, he is only answerable to me and has all the rights to choose what he wants.’ After seeing this, I went on my own quest, wondering what exactly is religion. It is man-made.”

About Vikrant Massey’s Family

Talking about Vikrant Massey’s family, Vikrant’s parents are Jolly Massey and Meena Massey. He married Sheetal Thakur in 2022. They celebrated the birth of their son, born on February 7.

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