Did Anushka Sharma Deliver Her Son, Akaay In London? Virat Kohli’s Pic Goes Viral

Recently it was rumored that Virat-Anushka decided to deliver their baby in London, now a picture of Virat in London is going viral on X.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma shared the news of their second child’s arrival, a son named Akaay, via Instagram on Tuesday. They disclosed that Anushka gave birth to their son on February 15. While the couple has not revealed their whereabouts, shortly after the announcement, fans shared a ‘recent picture’ of Virat strolling the streets of London on X.

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Did Anushka Sharma Deliver Her 2 Child In London?

There have been recent speculations suggesting that Anushka Sharma would give birth to their second child in a London hospital. The latest photo of Virat in the city has led many social media users to believe that the couple welcomed their son, Akaay, in London. In the image, Virat is captured walking along a London street during the evening. He is dressed in a dark jacket paired with white pants and is wearing a cap. The candid picture, seemingly taken by a fan, featured the cricketer with a serious expression.

Why Anushka-Virat Welcomed Their Second Child In London?

Another perspective suggests that the couple is considering a move to the UK soon, possibly to establish it as their second home. Virat remains a prominent figure in Indian cricket, but at 35, he is nearing the end of his career. Although he may have a few more years left in his cricketing journey, the duration is likely to be short. Anushka, too, has been absent from the film industry for over five years. She has transitioned into a producer and currently has only one film in her pipeline.

Reports indicate that the couple intends to scale back on their professional commitments in favor of dedicating more time to family in the future, with London serving as a secondary base. They may have drawn inspiration from Virat’s idol, Sachin Tendulkar, who has owned a residence in the UK for several years. Sachin often spends significant periods in the country, citing the privacy and freedom it affords, which are often elusive in India.

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