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This Transgender Is Going To Appear At Miss International Queen 2020

Nithu RS is India’s first transgender tattoo artist and she is conquering stereotypes like a DOPE

Transgender, a community where they often face mockery and jeering, while many are persecuted against and even abused. But with times changing, there are more acceptances of transgender unions in larger metropolises, and even get together.

Nithu RS, the Miss Trans Queen India 2019 contest winner will represent India at the next edition of the Miss International Queen 2020 contest to be held in Pattaya, Thailand, on March 7, 2020. Miss International Queen is the world’s largest pageant for transgender women. The contest was held in 2004 for the first time and eventually became a great success. The contest is based in Thailand and will be the fifteenth edition of the beauty contest of Miss International Queen.

The representative of India, Nithu RS belongs to the city of Bengaluru. She is also an entrepreneur who owns three tattoo studios, one beauty salon and a hotel. She is a dancer too. She’d been crowned Miss Trans Queen India in 2019. She has won various awards and prizes, as well as the golden opportunity to represent India on the beauty pageant for Miss International Queen 2020.

Soon she will head to Thailand to represent India on the beauty pageant of Miss International Queen 2020. At the close of the contest, her replacement will be crowned by reigning Miss International Queen, Jazelle Barbie Royale of the United States of America.

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