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List of Indian Miss Worlds

In the article is a list of all the Indian Miss Worlds.

Miss World is one of the biggest titles a lady can earn in the fashion industry. It is also the oldest international beauty pageant which started in 1951 in the UK. The title Miss World is given taking into consideration various aspects like vision, intelligence, hard work, sensitivity, wit, and personality. 

Along with many beautiful ladies all over the globe, some Indian ladies have also earned the honor of being a Miss World. In fact, India has won a maximum number of Miss World titles equaling to 6 along with Venezuela. Following is the list of the Indian Ladies who earned the honor of being a Miss World by representing India.

1) Retia Faria

Retia Faria was the first India lady to become a miss world in 1966. By winning this title she became the first Indian lady to win an International Title. But later she gave up on modeling and continued with her medical studies.

2) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai then became the second Indian lady to win the title after a gap of around 28 years.  She won the title in the year 1994.

3) Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden won the Miss World title in 1997 and became the third Indian Female to bring home the title.

4) Yukta Mookhey 

Yukta Mookhey was the fourth Indian Miss World. She won the title in the year 1999.

5) Priyanka Chopra 

Piggy Chops won the Miss World in 2000. With Priyanka winning the title India became the second country to win the title for two consecutive years after the UK in 1964 and 1965.

6) Manushi Chillar

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