Suniel Shetty Opens Up On Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil, Film Premiers At TIFF

Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil is a heartwarming school drama that premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, Suniel Shetty says it is an eye opener for modern-day parents

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty will next appear in Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil. It is a heartwarming film on kids directed by Swarroop Raj Medarra. Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil premiered at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival along with other Indian movies that were selected for the world premiere. Suniel Shetty who plays the Principal spoke about the movie.

Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil is a heartwarming school drama where Suniel Shetty helps a poor kid to get an education with rich families. As a principal of a high-profile school Suniel comes across a bright kid Raghu who is the son of a dhobi and helps him learn with kids coming from rich families. Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil is about Raghu’s inferiority and complexity in staying between other high-profile students. 

Talking about the movie, Suniel Shetty said, “Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil is a film about children, about giving equal opportunities to everybody and how important it is for us to make sure everybody is comfortable. It has a beautiful message and it could definitely be an eye opener for modern day parents. I think this generation believes in equality, and that you got to live your dream and not live the dream of your parents. I’d want my children to live their dream, not mine. I think today’s parents are all about honesty, and taking care of their parents and children. So hats off to this generation. I took this film on because it was a simple story to tell and I am glad that such stories are being heard and are finding global platforms.”

Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil is written and directed by Swarroop Raj Medarra. For the international audience, the film is titled Fly High Little Hearts and is enjoying praise from the West. Interestingly, the film was shot in just 37 days and after the TIFF premiere, it will soon release in India.

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